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With his paper “Lessons From Capacity Planning a Java Enterprise Application: How to Keep Capacity Predictions on Target and Cut CPU Usage by 5x”, Akamas CTO Stefano Doni won the prestigious 2015 Computer Measurement Group Best Paper Award. The award is CMG’s recognition for papers judged exemplary by industry peers and reflecting the best of the best offered at the conference.

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Java applications are ubiquitous in mission-critical enterprise and online settings. Java automatic memory management brings safety and development efficiency benefits, but, at the same time, it adds complexity. Capacity managers struggle to determine how to effectively predict Java capacity requirements and manage its efficiency.

In this paper, Stefano describes actionable methodologies and key metrics that help highlight hidden bottlenecks in many Java applications and devise business-oriented capacity models that describe them. He then goes on to present compelling evidence that the garbage collection is the major consumer of precious CPU cycles, and how a modest heap increase led to a 5-fold CPU utilization drop.

Download the paper to find out more about how to manage the garbage collector and find hidden bottlenecks.

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